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Qualified State Approved Educators

Our instructor has all the state requirements to be also the Program Coordinator.

All our instructors have many years of experience in the medical field and they are approved by the AZBN and NCIA boards. In addition to that, they also have experience in the Arizona State Board Examination division as proctors.

State Certified Curriculum

Our accreditation for the CNA Program is fully back by the Arizona State Board of Nursing (AZBN). 

The Caregiver Program is accredited by the Arizona Board of Nursing Care Institution Administrators and Assisted Living Facility Managers (NCIA Board). 

Our knowledgeable and qualified instructors have many years of experience in the healthcare industry and in the assisted living sector as well.

Our Healthcare Mission

Academic Training AZ is committed to helping you begin your career in the healthcare industry.  We are conveniently located in Glendale, Arizona close to ASU West and Glendale Community College.  Our courses include: Certified Nursing Assistant/Licensed Nursing Assisted, Assisted Living/Certified Caregiver, CPR, and First Aid. All courses can be completed in 6 weeks or less and are taught by an experienced registered nurse.

Our small class sizes enable us to provide individualized attention to each student. You will enjoy our comfortable classrooms, computer lab, and fully equipped skills lab. We take pride in providing a professional and positive learning experience for all the Nurse Assistants and Caregivers in Phoenix. Also, our methods and excellent approach teaching the curriculum has set us apart from the rest with a passing rate of *94%! 

This is why cna and caregiver students are encouraged to take the state board exam at the school.

We offer competitive pricing, payment plans, and job placement and various other options. 

* School's passing rate verification link with

Our Programs

CNA Program

The CNA Weekend program is 6 weeks long - 120 hours. It is in high demand and will be even more solicited as the "baby boomer" population retires by the thousands everyday. As a CNA, the participant enjoys from a large variety of job employment options: Hospitals, clinics, urgent care facilities, doctor's offices, assited living institutions, home care services etc.

The participants in this program will learn the fundamental skills of nurse assisting and more. At the completion of all the hours and successfully achieving 80% or better in the final school exam, the participant will receive a Certificate of completion. And the final step will be the state board certification in which the 80% or better is also observed.

This in turn, can lead into a *dream job with great pay, solid benefits and huge opportunities for growth. 

*Depending on the institution the CNA is interested in job employment.

Assisted Living Facility Caregiver Program

The caregiver program is 5.5 weeks and the students must enter 104 hours, and it is required that they pass a final examination with 75% or better.

After the completion of all the hours and the minimum pass grade, the participants will go for the state board examination in which they are given only a knowledge test. After successfully passing the board examination they will be officially a Caregiver in the State of Arizona. After that, they will be issued a certificate of completion.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that "there will be a 41% increase in home care and personal care jobs and   

56% increase in the demand for home health aides in the next 10 years."


Caregivers provide essential help with daily activities. This allows the elderly and people with disabilities or chronic illness to live with as much dignity and independence as possible, regardless of

their age or condition.

Here are some of functions that Caregivers might do:

  • Be a companion for an elderly person who cannot be left alone because of a physical or cognitive impairment.
  • Teach adults with mental disabilities how to manage living by themselves.
  • Assist a child who has physical disabilities to participate in everyday school activities.
  • Help with bathing, dressing, eating, getting in and out of bed or going to the toilet.
  • Check a person’s temperature, pulse and blood pressure.
  • Assist people in getting from their beds to wheelchairs.
  • Help people take their medicine.
  • There are many other things that caregivers might do. 

It all depends on the job.

Find out how to become a certified Caregiver


  • Your future.
  • Exciting new careers.
  • Get hired soon!

Careers for the Medical Field

Fully Accredited Certifications for CNA and Caregiver Programs!!

Upcoming events


We will discuss all details of the above programs, costs, financing and sponsorship available for those who qualify!

Testimonials from past students:

Monique Miller.   5 STARS

"The entire staff was awesome... I couldn't have made it without my amazing teacher!"

Tiffany Michelle Gaxiola. 5 STARS

"I highly recommend this school and the instructors are amazing people."

Current Promotion

If you sign up NOW  for the SEPTEMBER 15th 2018 session, you will receive a workbook ($48.99 value) for either the CNA or Caregiver program!!

Mention the code: Heart CNA

You must sign up as soon as possible!!

*Must be fully signed up by SEPTEMBER 15th  2018.

Share the big news about becoming a CNA

Refer a friend to us and receive a $45.00 bonus!

*Must be a previous student (fully accredited and certified) to receive the bonus. Also, subject to full program completion from the referred party. 

**The bonus can be in the form of a Starbucks gift card.


How much is the tuition for the CNA Program?

$1125.00              *Effective 08/01/2016

How much is the tuition for the Caregiver Program?


How do I get registered for the CNA or Caregiver Program?

Call (602)350-5154 and make an appointment. Then, all is needed to get registered is:

Driver's License or ID

Social Security Card

Registration Fee:

  • $500.00 for CNA's
  • $400.00 for Caregivers

How long is the program?

CNA is 6 weeks - 120 hours

Caregiver 5.5 weeks - 104 hours

What time are the classes and what kind of structure do they follow?

Classes start at 8:00AM to 6:30PM


Weekend Programs

What requisites do I need to have if I want to get into the CNA Program?

  • Legal employment status to work in the USA
  • SS Card
  • Picture ID or DL
  • 17 years of age with parental consent
  • Copy of in-process Fingerprint Clearance Card or the card itself.
  • Must possess skills to be able to read, write and speak in English
  • CPR BLS +First Aid  $60.00 (Special rate for enrolled students).
  • TB skin test dated within the last 9 months. ~$65.00
  • Lecture Book  $65.00 (Mandatory). (Special rate for enrolled students).
  • Entrance Exam (Comprehension, arithmetic, analog time telling and light conversions). 

What is the LNA and how much does it cost to process?

The LNA stands for Licensed Nurse Assistant. Therefore, it is a licensure.

It is a requirement to work in larger facilities like Banner, Abrazo, Mayo Clinic etc. The AZBN charges $100.00 to process and it takes around 5-6 weeks.

Is the State Board examination included in the tuition cost for the CNA program?

No. The State Board examination is conducted by D&S Headmaster. The cost is $118.00


D&S Headmaster is the institution selected by the Arizona State Board of Nursing to administer the state examinations.

Advanced Placement Program Requirements:

· Successfully demonstrate all 23 AZBN required skills to an RN instructor

· Must pass all of the exams given during a standard class session, including a knowledge test final exam with an 80% or better grade. Pass a skills final exam that will be comprised of 3-5 selected skills. The skills final is a pass or fail test. It is at the sole discretion of the RN instructor whether students pass or fail the skills final exam. Skills have to be performed according to the steps listed in the skills booklet provided by D&S Headmaster. The skills have to be performed within a reasonable time (as determined by the RN instructor.) 

· The instructor’s decision regarding a pass or fail grade is based on safe procedures, completed within the allotted time, and the yellow D&S Skills Booklet.

· Complete a minimum of 16 clinical hours supervised by an approved RN instructor.

Please call for an appointment to be assessed by an instructor and for further information.


CNA Tuition             $1125.00

Caregiver Tuition      $799.00

CPR-BLS & First Aid Certification     $60.00

Lecture Book for CNA              $65.00  (Special rate for enrolled students). Lecture Book for Caregivers   $65.00  (Special rate for enrolled students).

State Board Examination Cost for CNA's    $118.00

State Board Examination for Caregivers     $65.00


All transactions involving a credit card or debit card will have a 9% processing fee.     


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